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Vismara S.r.l.

Via Castellini, 9

20077 Melegnano (MI)


The organization

L’organizzazione 1
The budget estimate phase is, alongside global support, the essential planning phase of any project.

From the budget estimate (and planning) phase, all of the data, processed according to the client’s requirements, is handled by the Project Manager. The Project Manager’s mandate is to ensure that the project is executed, to coordinate all site activities and to collaborate with the client for the entire duration of building works.

L’organizzazione 2The site is entrusted to a Director of Engineering who works in direct contact with the Project Manager, receiving all the information necessary for construction works to be carried out. Particular attention is paid to compliance with building site safety regulations.

The Project Manager makes use of the Purchasing and Administration Departments for the definition, selection and settlement of all necessary supplies.