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Vismara S.r.l.

Via Castellini, 9

20077 Melegnano (MI)


Skills and services

Global undertaking – Total commitment

Our aim is to constantly improve our company and challenge the increasing complexities of the construction and real estate industry.

This is possible thanks to the foresight of VISMARA’s management, which has invested and will continue to invest above all, in Competenze e serviziOrganization and Quality.

A number of professionals work alongside us in the design and technical fields. This, in addition to our consolidated relationship with plant technicians who are market leaders, allows us to achieve ‘turn-key’ projects .

Within VISMARA, the technical office, operates alongside the client’s engineers and Technicians in order to maximise outcome and benefit costs. The technical office supports the commercial phases by specifically following the budget estimate and final balance.

The effort made by VISMARA in this direction has been appreciated and shared by our customers, whose trust in us has been confirmed by the new orders placed, as well as by the market which has recognized the stability and reliability of our company.