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Vismara S.r.l.

Via Castellini, 9

20077 Melegnano (MI)


History and tradition

Melegnano 1993 1.bVISMARA is a consolidated company, wich has been operating in the construction sector since 1990. Thanks to the founding partners’ entrepreneurial and practical skills, the company grew, primarily focusing on the area around Milan.

The firm has undergone constant expansion. The Company has acquired a name and position for itself that have rendered it a point of reference for the construction industry in Milan and in Lombardy.

Melegnano 1993 2.bOver the course of the years, VISMARA S.r.l. expanded to form the current team of around 40 people. An additional 80 or so builders and other collaborators have supported the company in its commitment to become ever more competitive.

One of our strengths and added value are given by our workforce, both skilled and motivated. We have always invested in our human resources; with their competence and experience, these constitute the heart of the company.