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Vismara S.r.l.

Via Castellini, 9

20077 Melegnano (MI)


Vismara Srl

VISMARA Srl is a consolidated company, which has been operating in the construction sector since 1990. The company has grown, thanks to the founding partners’ entrepreneurial and practical skills, primarily focusing on the area around Milan.

The new headquarters of Vismara Srl in Via Castellini, 9 at Melegnano, were realised to accommodate staff who, over the years, have worked side by side with the management in order to make the company increasingly competitive and to face a sustainably growing amount of activity.

Vismara’s current logo appeared in 1993 and the company was named after its founder.  Based on the competence and experience accumulated, in about 10 years the company grew to become a solid production enterprise operating throughout northern Italy.

In 2005 Vismara Srl obtained ISO 9001 quality certification, recently confirmed following periodic inspections, and SOA certification for category OG 1 VIII, which gives access to public sector works for an unlimited amount.

Company policy centres around the desire to provide our customers with an innovative product, which keeps pace with new technologies, complies with safety and resolutely sets out a path for development of the company.